Melody Pond, River Song

"You're the woman who married me."
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Alex Kingston in The Cook, The Thief, His Wife & Her Lover (1989)
↳ Adele is no good with cash and figures. She’s just decorative, all lips and tits.

Alex is in the background for all of 10 minutes in this film but it’s amazing and you should watch it anyway. This is literally her biggest scene but Helen Mirren is amaze-balls so it almost makes up for it. 


Rory & River: the look

Because every little girl wants to know what her Daddy’s thinking. 

Honestly, River and Rory’s relationship makes me almost as a sad as River and the Doctor’s. The little looks tell you a lot but it doesn’t make up for the fact that he never got to hold her when she was a baby. 



Doctor: It must hurt.

River: Yes. The wrist is pretty bad too.

#THIS. #Don’t you see? They’ve reversed roles. She is to him what he is to his companions. The Doctor isn’t the one lying here to try and make things better, #he isn’t the one hiding pain to console his friends, he isn’t the one sad and alone because he can’t talk about his past. #It’s River. #She’s his protector, #she’s The Doctor’s Doctor. And that’s why she’s a professor. A professor in archeology. #Because she can see what is from remnants of broken pieces #and the doctor is so broken that only an archeologist could know where to begin rebuilding 


She is so much older.

Her features are softer, her flirtatiousness abated. All that sass and fire kept neatly behind her professorial title. And she lets him lead. She lets his younger self swoop in and out of deductions and only guides him when he can’t seem to see through his emotions. There’s no teasing or presentation, there’s just her hand to hold. A hand that no longer keeps a sonic blaster but his sonic screwdriver. This isn’t the wild River that baits Sontarans, she’s the Professor that slips her husband a note with a kiss before going to work. She’s so familiar and intimate and that’s why this moment kills me, because she’s giving it all up. She knows that whatever happens today will write their entire story - and without even blinking, she still lets him choose.